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13 Sept 2017: September Started With A Bang, and How To Host A House Concert

September brought shows, recordings, and an optimistic outlook for the future. I summarize my experience hosting my own house concert and give some tips for those interested in doing the same.

29 July 2017: Musician's Diary - I Found My Voice

The band is in hiding, another gig cancelled but if they won't give you a gig you make your own! Plus I got a great hat and found an old sampler which helped me get my voice back.

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13 May 2017: Musician's Diary - The State of the Band

Art is sometimes a battle, one that I cannot stop fighting. No shows scheduled but there are new goals and projects in the works. There will surely be another chapter in this story.

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20 Dec 2016: Musician's Diary - Winter Habits

recordings still in progress, plans for 2017, the value of art - should I give it away?

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29 Sept 2016: Musician's Diary - The Garage Studio Is Open

Changing seasons and busy plans for the studio, my current goals, outlook, and what I'm listening to

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16 July 2016: Six String Saturation - 4 Ways to Keep the Guitar Interesting

The world loves the guitar, but sometimes it can just be downright annoying! Tips to keep your guitar parts fresh and interesting for you and your audience

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28 June 2016: Music Econ 101 - Supply and Demand

The internet and the free market have naturally created an atmosphere where the public can access an abundance of music for free, and that's ok!

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27 June 2016: What I've Learned From Failure - Don't Play the Game of Excuses

My journey as a failure, and why I can still have a good attitude about it

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