Silver Streak - debut album from Gillwire

July 8th 2016

Featuring the single: Tragedy Sells

Album is available digitally on Spotify, Bandcamp, itunes, amazon. The compact disc is available through Bandcamp, cdbaby, and at Stinkweeds Records in Phoenix.

Album Art. Click to download hi res image. Photo: Marisa Thwaits


Album Review - Absolute Powerpop August 18 2016

"Gillwire is Arizonan J.G. Thwaits, and he's crafted an impressive debut album that mixes power pop, classic rock and indie pop with the common thread being his sense of melody (He calls it "retro-alternative pop", which is a good a description as any). The title track (and opener) is a clever tune that's equal parts Beck, Cake and Dean Friedman, the gentle, lilting "Find Me a Movie" finds itself in McCartney/Neil Finn territory, "Big Win" boasts a beats-based melody, and "Sand in My Pockets" is the most power-popping track of the lot. While this is a debut album, Thwaits sounds as though he's been around the melodic block a few times before."

Tragedy Sells - Featured Single on YabYum Music & Arts June 20 2016

"Combining Ben Folds-esque vocal stylings with an airy alt-pop. Don’t let the name of the track fool you, “Tragedy Sells” is an upbeat number with a bit of lyrical bite." - Carly Schorman

Interview - The Cromwell Treatment

A conversation with Gill about writing and recording the ablum Silver Streak

Silver Streak album release show

Jonathan Gill Thwaits - vocals, guitar; Trevor Gipper - drums; Aidan McKernan - Bass; Shazer Thwaits - oboe, melodica
Special Guests Jesse Konrad and Voices Carry

gillwire silver streak album release show

gillwire silver streak album release showgillwire silver streak album release show

Gillwire Album Release Show July 8th 2016 SoZo Coffee Chandler. Photos: Marisa Thwaits

gillwire silver streak album release show flyer

Photo: Marisa Thwaits

Silver Streak Track List

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1. Silver Streak
2. Nothing at All
3. Find Me a Movie
4. Tragedy Sells
5. Big Win
6.Rye (Instrumental)
7. Never Told
8. Sand in My Pockets
9. Lost for Words
10. Sweet Blue
11. When it Comes to Love
12. The Long Way Home

Album Teaser Video Featuring a Clip of the Track - Tragedy Sells